NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Equal-to-New Program from AERCO

AERCO International has introduced its Equal-to-New (E2N) Program, which allows select AERCO boiler and water heater parts to be returned and refurbished to the performance equating to a new part.

The program offers a cost-efficient method of updating assemblies and equipment that require reconditioning and would benefit from an upgrade to the latest compatible design. E2N assemblies and equipment provide the same functionality as a new model, offering facility managers an economical option for maintaining their boiler and hot water systems.

Pricing for E2N products are standardized, which eliminates the need for a quote. Work can begin as soon as the customer’s part arrives, improving turnaround time. If the equipment cannot be taken out of service, AERCO will ship an E2N assembly to the site and recondition the customer supplied core for future E2N orders.

All E2N assemblies and equipment carry a full one-year warranty from shipment. The E2N Program will initially offer services for air fuel valves for the KC1000 and Benchmark models, nozzle mix burners, and CXT temperature control valves.

A customer must have a valid old part to be eligible for the program, and cores must be acceptable for reconditioning because they provide reusable qualified subcomponents to assemble equal-to-new parts. This steady inventory of E2N sub-components benefits customers by resulting in quicker order fulfillment.

“We are always researching ways to help ensure AERCO products are performing at their peak capabilities, to reduce operating expenses and yield the highest possible seasonal fuel savings for our customers,” said Fred Depuy, President and CEO of AERCO International. “Our new E2N Program is an economical way to upgrade equipment, and the process is quick and simple.”

For further information about pricing policies and what disqualifies an old part from being considered a valid return, facility managers should visit the E2N program site.

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