NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Warranty

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum recently announced it has doubled the weather exposure limited warranty for its line of DensArmor Plus® interior panels from six months to 12 months. All of the following Georgia-Pacific Gypsum fiberglass mat interior panels now offer a 12-month weather exposure limited warranty:

  • DensArmor Plus® High-Performance Interior Panels
  • DensArmor Plus® Abuse-Resistant Interior Panels
  • DensArmor Plus® Impact-Resistant Interior Panels

These interior products join Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s exterior products (its flagship DensGlass® Sheathing and DensGlass® Shaftliner) in offering a 12-month weather exposure limited warranty for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

According to Mike Clay, vice president, sales and marketing for Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, the move to lengthen the weather exposure limited warranty for the DensArmor Plus Interior Panels line was based on the ongoing stellar performance of the products, which were first introduced in 2002. “Our panels are moisture- and mold-resistant, due to fiberglass mats instead of paper facings. Their use can potentially accelerate building schedules since they can be installed earlier in the construction cycle, even before the roof is sealed,” said Clay. “”With the inevitability of delayed construction due to weather, this extended warranty gives confidence to construction professionals that our products will perform as expected.”

Mike Betz of Island Acoustics, which provides acoustical ceilings, drywall and carpentry services in the New York City area, can attest to the quality, reliability and durability of DensArmor Plus High-Performance Interior Panels. “Based on an aggressive construction schedule, we used DensArmor Plus High-Performance Interior Panels for my current project so we could begin drywall installation sooner than expected,” Betz explained. “The panels performed above and beyond what we expected and thanks to Georgia-Pacific, the project is currently on-track to finish ahead of schedule.”


  1. As a builders of multi family and student apartment complex, we will be interested in trying this product, especially in our southern regions where delamination of drywall in breezeway and balcony areas is a serious problem. – Nick Zaferes Vice President, Campus Apartments

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