NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Overburden Removal Warranty from LiveRoof

LiveRoof, LLC recently began offering an overburden removal warranty program for its Hybrid Green Roof System. Under the program, the Spring Lake, MI based company warrants the removal and replacement of its vegetative roof modules when they must be taken up in order to assess and repair leaks in roof membranes.

Subject to the conditions of the program, the warranty applies to any roof membrane from any membrane manufacturer. Facility managers can specify, select, and install LiveRoof with the assurance that overburden removal is under warranty no matter which manufacturer’s membrane is on the roof.

“Leak repairs are covered by membrane manufacturers’ warranties. When a green roof is installed on top, the issue has been who covers the costs of removing and replacing portions of the green roof to gain access to fix membrane leaks,” said Dave MacKenzie, horticulturalist and president, LiveRoof, LLC. “Our overburden removal warranty resolves the issue for LiveRoof green roof installations.”

The Overburden Removal Warranty covers installations of the company’s Hybrid Green Roof System by LiveRoof Diamond Installers. The program applies to any brand or type of waterproof membrane system, provided that the membrane has been inspected, tested (using a flood test or electronic leak detection), and certified as being watertight prior to the installation.

“Overburden removal warranty is a bid requirement on many green roof jobs. Being able to offer [this] warranty sets us apart from other landscape contractors who install green roofs,” said John Kruzshak, estimator, Evergreen Environments, LLC of Sand Hook, CT. LiveRoof modules are installed on facilities with vegetation fully grown.