NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Rain Bird Partner Of The Greenwater Foundation

Rain Bird, an Azusa, CA manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services, has partnered with The Greenwater Foundation in support of its Groundwater Guardian Green Site program, an initiative that encourages the sustained use of groundwater friendly practices and recognizes green space managers for stewardship in that realm.

As a program partner, Rain Bird will now work with the Groundwater Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of groundwater protection and help green space managers identify and implement groundwater friendly practices.

In 2007, the Groundwater Foundation launched the Groundwater Guardian Green Site program to educate the public about the importance of groundwater protection by recognizing green spaces such as golf courses, sports fields, natural areas, educational and office campuses, and parks for their advances in groundwater protection and environmental stewardship.

Facility managers at participating sites learn how their practices can impact the environment, receive educational updates and resources, connect with other site managers and water experts, and demonstrate groundwater and environmental stewardship within their communities.

“Rain Bird’s commitment to the Intelligent Use of Water and environmental stewardship makes them a natural partner for the Groundwater Guardian Green Site Program,” said Jane Griffin, Groundwater Foundation president. “We are excited about our partnership with Rain Bird and look forward to working closely with them to promote groundwater friendly practices to new audiences of turf and green space professionals.”

In order to attain the Groundwater Guardian Green Site designation, site managers must document responsible use of chemicals and water, pollution prevention, and water quality protection. Each applicant is evaluated according to current pesticide, fertilizer and water use practices, pollution source management, water quality protection, and environmental stewardship.

Rain Bird’s director of corporate marketing, Dave Johnson, said, “The Groundwater Guardian Green Site program goes hand in hand with Rain Bird’s Intelligent Use of Water philosophy and complements many of the company’s existing initiatives aimed at educating the industry and public about the need for environmental stewardship through efficient water use.”

The Groundwater Guardian Green Site program is open to anyone who manages or maintains a green space that currently implements groundwater friendly practices. Potential sites are encouraged to get involved in the Groundwater Guardian Green Site program by downloading the program application.