NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Reseller Of Packaging/Containers

Container, based in Atlanta, GA, is an online marketplace for the sale and resale of reusable packaging and containers. The company resells folding bulk containers, metal storage bins, plastic industrial totes, plastic pallets, and used gaylord boxes throughout the United States.

When a manufacturing or other facility type is finished using a returnable packaging fleet, Container Exchanger represents this seller and finds a buyer for the used bulk packaging. The company notes that sellers enjoy a high sales price for a better return on investment, and buyers save significantly in comparison to new packaging prices.

Container Exchanger clients include Fortune 500 businesses, Automotive Tier 1 manufacturers, consumer product manufacturers, scrap steel businesses, and distribution and freight companies.

ContainerExchanger was founded out of a need to turn used reusable industrial packaging into a profit center, rather than wasted inventory and space in warehouses. The firm minimizes risks for buyers and sellers by acting as a broker, to ensure that buyers receive product as expected, and that sellers receive fair pricing. The company’s sustainability commitments involve responsibility practices regarding energy, waste, transportation, finance, business development, participation, and social inclusion.

A sister site,, launched in May 2009 to provide the same services for the exchange of industrial racks and shelving items.


  1. Thanks for sharing selling, re-using and recycling bulk containers is great. Our company does this with our containers as well.

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