Secure Path Networks (SPN), a telecommunications consulting company based in Pelham, NY, offers a Contractual Audit Service to assist companies, educational institutions, and government entities in identifying overbilling related to voice and data services. According to Tom Gesky, SPN’s founder and chief executive officer, the service was introduced [in July 2009] in response to demand among Fortune 500s and institutions to reduce overspending related to telecommunications.

“In today’s recessionary environment, companies are focusing on potential areas for significant overbilling, and telecommunications has emerged at the forefront,” said Gesky. “SPN’s Contractual Audit Service is designed to help clients not only recover what they are entitled to, but educate them about future red flags and common areas for mistakes.”

SPN’s analysis involves evaluating previously billed costs and comparing them to the original service contract with the existing carrier or carriers. The process requires the client to only provide SPN with one or two months of previous bills. Once the in-depth audit is completed, clients are presented with an overview and recommendations for recovering payments.

The compensation to SPN for the service is a percentage of the savings based totally on results from the evaluation—significantly reducing risk to clients. “In almost 100 percent of audits, the client derives some level of savings ranging from 20 to 60 percent,” added Gesky.

The contractual audit service is an extension of SPN’s primary business service—to identify new carrier options that can enhance a client’s voice and data services while reducing costs. Established in 2001, the company primarily serves as a liaison between carriers and businesses to evaluate, analyze, identify, negotiate, and implement the best telecommunications solution available.