NYC Office Reflects Company Culture In Open Plan

Intent Media called on interior design firm JIDK to transform a segmented space into a functional and fun open office.

open office
Intent Media offices in New York City, designed by JIDK

When Intent Media, a five-year winner of Crain’s New York Business’ Best Place to Work (most recently in 2016), needed to renovate their 25,000 square foot office to reflect their values, they called on JIDK to transform the traditional, segmented office space into an open office featuring non-hierarchical space — complete with the distinctive touches in line with contemporary office ideals. An interior design firm located in the Tribeca Design District in New York City, JIDK specializes in modern offices.

Visitors enter into the 25,000 square-foot space via a reception and waiting area beneath a skylight. Around the corner, a short hallway of meeting rooms leads to an open workspace with phone booths and conference rooms with an expansive canteen space with a stage, projector and tiered seating nearby. A large birch staircase leads to the main workspace of the second floor that features fully height adjustable workstations, a standup meeting room, phone rooms, a lounge, lockers, and diner booths with reclaimed wood tops.

open office

The strategies JIDK incorporated to achieve the goals set out by its client Intent Media include:

Balanced Office Plan

The two-story open office is bright and spacious to accommodate the CEO’s preference for management sitting with staff, while the variety of workstations provide flexibility for the staff’s day-to-day needs. From phone rooms and conference rooms to a stand-up meeting room and game room, the office features countless settings for privacy and collaboration. An expansive canteen space with a stage, projector and tiered seating and an outdoor patio

Referencing Culture

To further Intent Media’s mission for a thriving company culture, the former tenant’s exclusive corner office with sweeping views of the Hudson and lower Manhattan was transformed into a lounge and game room now filled with large sofas and bean bag chairs. Additionally, several spray art murals completed by employees a large inflatable Koons-esque balloon dog, is referential to the company’s dog-friendly policy, decorate the office

Color Correcting For Efficiency

The color palette of the space also reflects the company’s playful attitude while increasing wayfinding efficiency. Primary work zones are grounded by shades of calming blue while the various breakout spaces sport orange and red carpeting, believed to boost creativity and collaboration. Meanwhile, tertiary zones such as the yoga/ gaming studio have purple carpeting, conducive for active work.