Power-Blox 200 Series Plug & Power System

Allows growth based on energy requirements without modifying or replacing existing installations

The Power-Blox 200 Series is a completely modular and scalable off-grid energy solution that requires no professional installation, maintenance, or configuration. It consists of intelligent energy cubes with an integrated battery (available as lead or lithium-ion version). Each power system cube produces from 200 watts of alternating current (AC) up to the Kilowatt range, which serve as a “portable socket” to off grid energy demands.power system

Power-Blox cubes can be powered by any external source (e.g., solar, wind, hydrothermal, biomass, diesel generator) to supply a small commercial business with electricity. The power system acts as a universal energy interface and can be combined with various external energy sources or storage devices thanks to incorporated and pre-configured inverters.

The Power-Blox 200 Series has been specially designed for off grid situations but can also be used as backup-power to bridge power-cuts of unreliable public grids. Units can be stacked and plugged together to automatically build a private 230V AC power grid (mini-grid). When two or more Power-Blox are combined, a proprietary technology called Swarm Power causes the individual modules to use machine learning technology to optimize performance and balance power distribution across the entire system. The technology is self-configuring and self-learning. In case of any failure or breakdown of the grid, the units automatically disconnect and run as autonomous off-grid power supplies.

power systemWithin a Swarm Power system, the power generation, storage, and distribution are done with a fully decentralized architecture to manage fluctuating current, as opposed to a smart grid which needs a centralized architecture. The energy in the swarm is stored in nodes and every component of the grid learns how to adapt to the current state of the grid by observing the grid parameters and adapting its behavior with the use of artificial intelligence.

The truly scalable plug and power architecture of the Power-Blox 200 Series can be used in most off-grid applications, including health care, small businesses, food and agriculture, education, remote infrastructure, tourism, and disaster relief. Combined with a pay-as-you-go model, Power-Blox 200 Scan serve as an incubator for micro-entrepreneurs and provide affordable solar power to customers in developing countries. The excess production of electric power in the system can be sold for a fee.