Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mat by Rockford Systems

The Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mat from Rockford Systems, LLC is for use with various machinery types. It encases conductive plates which provide stop/restart signals when pressure is applied or released. Intended as auxiliary or additional safeguarding equipment to protect operators and other employees in the machine area, the mats must not be used as primary safeguarding except when all other means are not applicable.

The Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mat can be set up so that if someone or some object is on the mat, the machine will not start. In addition, when the machine is operating or cycling, it will stop if someone steps on the mat. Arrangements must be made to restart the machine once the mat is cleared.

safety matBefore applying a Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mat to any machine, users must make sure it will be interfaced correctly with the machine control and that it does not interfere with productivity. The entire machine must be considered, including safeguarding, controls, disconnects, starters, covers for rotating parts, auxiliary parts, feeding, and retrieving of workpieces, etc.

Mats must be in a location that does not allow an operator or other employee to reach the hazardous point prior to the machine’s motion coming to a stop from stepping onto the mat. See ANSI/RIA R15.06 robot safety standard for detailed guidelines on mat safety distance. Also see the ANSI B11.19 for guidelines on mat control system reliability.

Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats are heavy-duty and highly resistant to wear, oils, grease, acids, and most common chemicals. Each mat top surface has a rib pattern running parallel with the mat length which helps prevent slipping, yet is easy to clean.

Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats are a single piece molded vinyl material construction and will therefore not delaminate. The molding encases two separated parallel steel plates. These plates make contact when the mat is stepped on. Designed for low-voltage (24V DC) control circuits, the mats are active over the entire surface, except the narrow border.

Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats are available in various sizes and can be tied together (electrically) in series. Standard size mats can be modified with notches, cutouts, angles, or holes. Various configured layouts of any dimension can be supplied. Various colors, sizes, and shapes of mats are available along with different wiring options to meet requirements.

All Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats are supplied with a 20′ single-jacketed, four-wire cord exiting from the width end. The outside edge of each mat has a lip to attach either an aluminum ramp or a blunt edge. The lip can also be removed when joining two mats with a mat connector. The safety mat control box Part No. RKR-162 must be used with the mats.

Applications for Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats include robotic welding, water jet machines, plastics molding machines, automated material handling, conveyors, and CNC punches and tube benders.

When considering the use of Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats, the following should be asked:
  1. How is the mat to be interfaced to the existing motor control or equipment? Does a new control or starter need to be added?
  2. Can the motion of the machine that is creating the point-of-operation hazard be stopped quickly? If it can, what kind of clutch and brake arrangement does it have? Is the machine hydraulically or pneumatically operated? Is it operated by any other means?