QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do You Want Photo Proof From Vendors?

This Question of the Week comes from the BOMA International Group on LinkedIn.

I am asking about how vendors provide validation of work completed. Do they send you some sort of photo collection (or video) online or otherwise? How often do you want to see it? Is it useful? Or do you just ignore it all as a distraction?

Name withheld
Raleigh-Durham, NC

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  1. Yes, Definitely and we also provide digital back to our clients when appropriate.
    Its not about validating the work, it about understanding the work, especially when there is clearly more work required outside the original scope. “A picture tells a 1000 words” they say, and this is true here in maintenance and Asset management. When we produce picture as part of our documentation it just makes the document clearer and helps flow.
    Our staff perform various Audits on site, including HVAC, Energy audits and BMS Audits; digital photos provide greater details in the delivery and a greater understanding to our client. Clients can be high net worth individuals whom made their money from food or clothing. We can’t expect our clients to know every detail about their investment.

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