Radon Measurement Web App

Radonova’s RadOnline application delivers information in real time with a completely new interface

RadOnline is a web application intended to make it even easier to use Radonova Laboratories’ services in the field of radon measurement and analysis of radon samples. The new version makes both clear and detailed information available securely, whether the user logs in from a PC, smartphone, or other mobile device.radon measurement

The RadOnline web based Radon Management System enables Radonova to place new orders, check the status of existing orders, enter data, retrieve analysis results and reports, and obtain a statistical overview of partner account data.

The web application now also has simpler navigation, with efficient search, filter, and export functions.

“By linking ‘My pages’ to Radonova’s database, we give customers the simplest and quickest possible access to the information they need. We have also developed the latest version to be a useful aid in both large and small measurement projects. It is also important to provide a positive customer experience at all stages. With the new RadOnline, we aim to combine reliable radon measurements and top quality with even better service to our customers,” says the CEO of Radonova Laboratories, Karl Nilsson.

According to Radonova’s website: “Radon is a form of the radioactive element radium and is a part of the Uranium decomposition chain. Radon, which is a ‘noble’ gas, further decomposes into a mix of other radioactive particles called ‘radon daughters’. Both radon gas and radon daughters are caught in dust particles in the air and can thereby be inhaled by humans and animals. When radon gas and radon daughters decompose, the cells in our lungs are exposed to damaging ionizing radiation.”

Radon cannot be detected by sight, taste, or smell. Therefore, it is impossible to know if there is too much without measuring the amount of radon in the indoor air. Radonova use the alpha track method, whereby film elements are put into pods made of anti-static plastic. Radon, combined with normal air, diffuses into the pod where the energy of the alpha particles make microscopic tracks on the film. The alpha-track detectors are contained in airtight bags, the radon measurement starts when the bag is opened and when the measuring period has elapsed the detectors should be put back and sealed into the original bags then immediately returned to Radonova. The analysis made at Radonova is performed using a state-of-the-art image scanner.

RadOnline features better overview and allows facilities to enter measurement data and download results. It filters measurements on address, property name, order code etc. and consolidated reports can be downloaded in PDF format. The responsive design adapts to the device being used while history, information, and current measurement jobs are unchanged and accessible to Radonova’s customers and partners via this new radon measurement web application.