RapidFill Delivers Fast Dilution for Auto Scrubbers

The Hydro Systems product can deliver 15 gallons per minute of cleaning solution

Hydro Systems, independent manufacturer of proportioning and dispensing systems, introduced RapidFill units for auto scrubbers. RapidFill can deliver 15 gallons per minute (GPM) of cleaning solution, allowing it to fill a large reservoir auto scrubber about 10 minutes faster than competing technologies. Three different versions of the product enable flexibility, with dilution that ranges from as rich as 1:20 to very lean at 1:1000.dilution

“Large capacity scrubbers traditionally require a long time to fill the reservoir with the water and chemical solution,” said Scott Campbell, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems. “We developed RapidFill to address the issues of slow flow at certain dilution ratios. Now, rather than filling at 4-5 GPM, employees can fill at 15 GPM, increasing productivity by 75% and reducing costs associated with downtime.”

RapidFill can quickly fill an auto scrubber using properly dosed water and cleaning solution. Users can dial in the exact dilution ratio that is required by turning the lower end of the water driven pump.

In addition to the productivity and cost savings that companies will realize, users will appreciate the simplicity of the RapidFill system. It contains a simple hook-up that connects to a ¾” water inlet and must achieve a static pressure of 55 psi (3.8 bar) to reach at least 10 GPM, which results in 40 psi dynamic pressure. Inside of a sleek white wall mounted cabinet (23″ H x 16″ W) resides a SuperDos 20 water-driven pump with a hose and nozzle combination (10′ L x ½” diameter). The nozzle can be turned on or off to direct the flow of fluid into the auto scrubber.