Safe Passage Keeps Facility Access Secure

New Connect ONE® module targets return-to-work strategies with an automated process that can be customized to individual spaces, conditions, and regulations

The Safe Passage Module now available as part of the Connect ONE® cloud-hosted platform from Connected Technologies is a framework for a one-time or periodic self-approval process for facility access control. Suitable for back-to-work strategies during the pandemic or to ensure health and safety compliance, it provides an automated self-attestation method to ensure a user is safe to be at the passage

The user’s Safe Passage Mobile Badge is dynamically updated based upon their approval status, Approved (green border); Expired (orange border); Declined (red border labeled “Safe Passage DECLINED”); and when approved but pending checkpoint access (blue border labeled “Safe Passage CHECKPOINT REQUIRED”) so management can verify their credentials at a glance.

At construction sites, for example, management knows immediately upon viewing a contractor’s Safe Passage credential if they have satisfied requirements to ensure they aren’t sick or in contact with someone with COVID-19. In addition, 24-hour fitness centers, along with multi-tenant, hotel, and hospitality, vertical markets can use Safe Passage to ascertain users have signed waivers necessary for workouts; it can also query visitors regarding their potential exposure to the contagion and add other necessary documentation workflows for access approval.

Safe Passage, accessed through the Connect ONE interface, allows administrators to create multiple profile templates, each customized to the user and their level(s) and area(s) of access within the facility. Templates can establish specific options, such as checkpoints, protected areas, approval and re-approval processes, custom messages, and other requirements or documentation necessary for entry. The ability to create multiple templates provides multifold benefit to the user. In an industrial setting, Safe Passage ensures the user has completed necessary safety training required to enter a hazardous location; in other areas of the facility their access could be contingent on following mandated health records or other prerequisites.

A checkpoint option means facility access must be at a designated area and requires passing an additional condition, such as a temperature scan. Users who try to enter an alternate door trigger an immediate violation to the administrator or management via e-mail, text message, or push notification. Administrators may apply Safe Passage to targeted areas only—while permitting general access to the user as required. All documents, approvals, and statuses are applied and stored to each user profile.

Connect ONE, a service and management platform from Connected Technologies, continues to add critical services tailored to the security dealer and custom integration installer. The integrated security management solution uses one user interface to control intrusion, access control, video surveillance, critical environmental monitoring, and energy management. Connect ONE integrates with leading security and access control panel manufacturer’s products and many video surveillance platforms.


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