Schneider Electric LAZER Program Updates Circuit Breakers

A low voltage, direct replacement program to modernize older electrical gear in less than half the time

Schneider Electric has introduced the LAZER Low Voltage Direct Replacement Program for circuit breakers in order to modernize older electrical gear. Through the use of pre-stocked kits, the program reduces the time required for sourcing and obtaining replacement equipment from the industry norm of 12 to 14 weeks to as little as seven days, plus shipping.

circuit breakersAging electrical infrastructure is one of the biggest threats to business continuity. Older, non-compliant equipment is unreliable, can be a major safety concern, and greatly impacts system efficiency. However, replacement projects typically cause lengthy outages and can require space changes to the electrical architecture, so they are often deprioritized.

Schneider Electric’s LAZER program low voltage direct replacement solutions not only arrive quickly, but also are able to fit into the existing electrical cubicle with little-to-no modification of the switchgear cell. This enables customers to upgrade existing electrical equipment more efficiently for increased reliability without facing the high cost or lengthy downtime of traditional equipment replacement. In addition, electrical personnel are not limited to the current equipment brand—especially when modern replacements can be difficult to find—or hassled with the process of reengineering the electrical system footprint.

circuit breakers“Embarking on a modernization project can be daunting and time consuming; through the Schneider Electric LAZER Low Voltage Direct Replacement Program, we can replace aging equipment quickly and safely, increasing operational reliability, reducing downtime, and generating thousands of dollars in savings by preventing business disruption,” said John Blaylock, vice president, Modernization and Consulting Services – US Services, Schneider Electric. “By offering preconfigured direct replacement equipment, our LAZER program can upgrade aging switchgear for customers with time-sensitive projects faster than ever before, easing their frustration, lowering the costs, and simplifying the complexities often associated with modernization and infrastructure replacement projects.”

The LAZER program factory-tested kits are available for commonly used SquareD, Allis-Chalmers, ITE, ABB, BBC, Cutler-Hammer/Westinghouse, and General Electric (GE) circuit breakers. They are pre-built, custom sized, and configured with all options and accessories. In addition, all circuit breakers in the LAZER Program feature Masterpact™ NW/NT technology, providing customers with built-in metering and communications capabilities. They meet all IEEE C37.59 standards and are backed by Schneider Electric’s standard equipment warranty.

By upgrading your old or underperforming switchgear, you can enjoy enhanced safety and compliance while your facility becomes much more cost efficient and reliable.


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