SilverShield Visitor Management System

South Florida company launches visitor and incident management system to improve school safety.

SilverShield, LLC has released the SilverShield visitor management system. Initially designed and developed for two private school campuses located in South Florida with an enrollment of approximately 5,000 students, SilverShield is a multi-platform, cloud-based visitor and incident management system. After a long beta test period, the system was released in January 2018 at the annual Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) conference for purchase by other schools and school districts, as well as all businesses.

school safetySilverShield offers a comprehensive visitor management system that provides instantaneous watch list and sex offender background checks on every visitor. The system also offers optional criminal background checks for a deeper look into a visitor’s background before allowing them onto a campus. SilverShield’s incident management system automatically and silently notifies all designated staff to any watch list, sex offender, or criminal background match through a sophisticated 3-way communication system that sends text (SMS), email, and push notifications within seconds. In addition, SilverShield’s manual silent alarm system enables staff to alert some or all persons on a campus to minor or major incidents, including a lockdown situation. This proprietary alarm system also communicates with local police departments as to any threatening or non-threatening situations on campus.

“We tried many different security applications to help ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors and determined that none of them met our standards in terms of the security protocols and procedures we have put in place,” says Dr. Douglas Laurie, VP of American Heritage Schools in South Florida. “Therefore, we sought to develop our own system in order to ensure that the features we felt were most important to protect those in our care were available to us at all times. We believe SilverShield is the most powerful visitor and incident management system on the market today, and although it was an arduous journey to develop it, we believe that it will help protect this country’s most precious assets–students.”

SilverShield specializes in improving safety by instantaneously screening visitors and communicating threatening incidents. It also offers an events management system that enables campuses to prescreen their guests against watch lists, a national sex offender database, as well as a criminal background database before they can be invited to any event on a campus. By doing so, schools can ensure that guests with matching background checks are not invited to or allowed on their campus during a large, scheduled gathering. SilverShield also offers several additional modules such as a permanent ID badge system and a learning management system known as “Virtual Academy,” which is used by schools to assign lessons and assessments on security or any subject.

“SilverShield’s security platform greatly improves incident and lockdown response time in schools and business facilities,” affirms Joe Cicini, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Joint Terrorism Task Force. “Safety and security should always be taken seriously, and SilverShield’s visitor management system offers the most robust, customizable, and versatile system on the market.”