Securitech One-Press Classroom Lock

Classroom Deadbolt That Exceeds Safe School Standards

The QID™ (Quick Intruder Deadbolt) from Securitech® is a classroom lock. Designed to exceed safe school government standards (FEMA-428/BIPS-07), it functions as a lock for everyday use with the ability to instantly deadbolt a classroom door with the push of a single red button.

securitech-qid“The QID’s instant activation addresses the need to quickly deadbolt the door and make the classroom a safe haven,” said Mark Berger, President and Chief Product Officer, Securitech. “The only thing students and teachers need to know is to press the little red button.”

The QID intruder lock is designed to provide maximum deadbolt protection when an intruder is identified within a school. Virtually no training is required to activate the QID lock. With one press, the person closest to the door can instantly activate both the deadbolt and the lever handle lock. It combines the locking lever handle with the deadbolt in a single action for high strength and security. A visual indicator lets the teacher know that the door is secured by the QID deadbolt and that the outside lever is locked.

The QID classroom lock is fully code compliant and allows the door to be unlocked by key from the outside. This outside key access enables first responders or other authorized staff to enter the room quickly, if needed.

Expert recommendations, including those from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), include specific proposals for classroom door locks in its primer for safe school design (FEMA-428/BIPS-07/Jan 2012). Their first guidance on this topic states that doors should “have a simple locking mechanism, such as a button to push in that cannot be locked to prevent egress from the classroom.” The Securitech QID locks are in full compliance with the DHS guidance.

The primary recommendation of the Final Report of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, chartered by the Governor of Connecticut, was to implement the School Safety Infrastructure Council (SSIC) standard requiring that all classrooms in K-12 schools have doors that can be locked from the inside by the classroom teacher or substitute. Securitech’s innovative QID classroom lock solution cost-effectively exceeds these standards with fast, one-press activation of both a deadbolt and lever handle lock.

QID is available as a Mortise Lockset or Cylindrical Lockset. An Electrified Mortise option is also available. The locks can retrofit to existing doors or be used in new construction. Locksets are installed into the door in the standard ANSI A156.13 mortise preparation and the strike fits into a standard 4-7/8″ strike preparation. The lock case is made of stainless steel with a faceplate that measures 1¼” wide x 8″ tall x .075″ thick and contains appropriate openings for the deadbolt and latch bolt.