SEFAR TENARA Flame Resistant Fabric

Newly Configured Product to Provide a Safer Design and Stronger Performance

SEFAR® Architecture’s TENARA® Fabric is now a registered flame resistant product under California Title 19, established by the California State Fire Marshal.

sefar-architecture-tenara-2As a Title 19 registered product, TENARA flame resistant fabric expands the applications for large-scale exterior fixed and retractable canopy and tensile fabric applications—most notably in hospitality, education, and retail settings.

The increasing importance of fire prevention in public spaces has caused the flame retardant and flame resistant properties of fabric products to become a critical consideration in the decision-making process of both fabric manufacturing and design. TENARA Fabric provides a nonflammable solution for spaces that require an awning, fabric enclosure, curtain, or other decorative component.

“We manufacture a specialized fabric product. It can be applied to both static or retractable exterior canopy applications,” says Peter Katcha, Director, North American Sales for SEFAR Architecture. “The Title 19 certification is important to us—it makes TENARA Fabric ideal for safer, well-lit, and more comfortable public spaces.”

flame resistant fabricTENARA Fabric’s 40% light transmission rate provides translucency for effective light diffusion without affecting light temperature or light transmission negatively. Woven from ePTFE yarn and coated with PTFE, the TENARA flame resistant fabric is also inert and highly resistant to blemishing and degradation.

When paired with a retractable roofing system, the repeated folding benefits of TENARA Fabric are innumerable. When bad weather strikes, the retractable roof quietly unfolds, making it a suitable covering for any space and ensuring protection for its patrons. When it’s sunny, TENARA Fabric lets the maximum amount of diffused light through, while providing adequate amounts of shade. Overall, TENARA Fabric allows outdoor spaces to feel more open and inviting while making efficient use of, and further monetizing, the valuable space below.

Under Title 19, TENARA Fabric meets the requirements of flame resistance identified in Section 13115 of the California Health and Safety Code. For more information, visit: