SilverShield Safety & Information Systems

Suite of Integrated Modules Includes Visitor Management, Lockdown Initiation, and More

SilverShield Safety & Information Systems demonstrated the capabilities of their visitor management and communication software at ISC West last week. Originally developed for school campus applications, the software incorporates a fully-integrated suite of modules, including visitor management, lockdown initiation, and more.SilverShield

“Our desire for a better way to protect the students, staff, and visitors at schools was the initial impetus for the development of the SilverShield system,” said Robin Baker, CTO, SilverShield. “Now we are expanding our focus to offer our unique solution to a wider audience, including medical-related facilities and businesses of all types.”

Designed to expedite emergency security procedures, the SilverShield Visitor Management System enables manned or unmanned visitor screening at all types of facilities. Users can check visitors’ credentials against watchlists, and the national sex offender database, in near-real-time. If there is a threat identified at any entrance, the system allows silent alerts to be sent immediately to designated stakeholders.

This system can also be used to create temporary ID badges, identify any known VIPs upon arrival, notify staff of VIP or other visitor arrivals, and maintain a database of visitor history. When integrated with the ID Badge System, the Visitor Management System can also generate permanent ID badging for staff, students, volunteers, and vendors.

The SilverShield Virtual Lockdown System alerts designated stakeholders via an audible siren sent to all users’ computers or mobile devices in case of an emergency. This siren, audible even if the users are wearing earbuds or have other applications running on their devices, instantly prompts users to take immediate action to initiate their lockdown procedures.

Other SilverShield modules include:

  • The Incident Management System is a near-real-time alarm system that integrates directly with the Visitor Management System or can be used stand-alone. It can alert local police, initiate a virtual lockdown, and produce mass emergency notifications via e-mail, SMS/text, mobile, and web push notifications.
  • The Event Management System pre-screens guests against watchlists and the national sex offender database, ensuring that unwanted guests are not invited to events. The system will manage RSVPs and can even issue parking and visitor passes to approved guests via e-mail and SMS/text– letting administrators increase control over their events.
  • Virtual Academy can be used for all types of security and other proprietary training. A video-based Learning Management System with lessons and assignments that can be created or purchased from SilverShield ensures that staff is trained properly.
  • The in-app HR & Safety Resource Center connects schools and businesses with local, highly-trained security professionals to develop a security assessment, plan, and documentation—ensuring the organization and staff are prepared and trained in the event of an emergency.

The Kiosk System empowers visitors to register themselves upon arrival—manually or by scanning a valid ID. Suitable for organizations with unstaffed entrances, the Kiosk System will quickly notify staff of VIPs or unwelcome guests, increasing security at all entrances.