Snap and Mega Eye Protection by Brass Knuckle®

Snap (BKFIX-3100NP) and Mega (BKDST-1030NP) by Brass Knuckle are two models of safety eyewear for eye protection. Regardless of water spray, wastewater, high humidity, or dramatic changes in temperature, these glasses do not steam up.

eye protectionSnap and Mega are manufactured to surpass EN166/168, the most stringent anti-fog standard. The products feature a proprietary N-FOG™ PLUS lens coating, which delivers anti-fog protection more than 40 times greater than what is required. Fog is caused by thousands of tiny water bubbles that form when atmospheric moisture condenses on the lens. N-FOG PLUS prevents bubbles from forming by spreading the water out until the coating absorbs it and the water dries off. It neutralizes fogging until the atmospheric conditions that cause condensation are balanced with the condition of the lens.

Snap and Mega include heavy-duty impact, abrasion, and UV-resistance properties (ANSI Z87.1+, EN 166K, EN166N, EN 166UV) for eye protection. Both come with a clear lens to allow maximum light transmission without changing or distorting vision or colors (91% of light passes through).

Snap provides ultra-light comfort and crisp vision even in wet, humid conditions. It features glossy black temples and a partially rimless design with green accents on the temples. Snap’s high-strength molded one-piece frame surrounds a clear shatterproof polycarbonate lens that blocks 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays. A flexible PivotEase™ nosepiece locks Snap into a no-slip position. TempleTouch™ grip dots—raised rubber nibs molded into the interior temple tip—provide a gentle grip on the sides of the head to maximize wearer comfort and reduce pinch points behind the ear.

Mega features a cushioned foam dust protector designed to help prevent fine particulate matter from falling into, or behind the frame and lenses. This filter is soft and moldable on the brow, providing protection from intense wind, sun, dirt, dust, and debris as well as high heat and humidity. The rugged frame and temples come in black and dark grey. An application-specific, interchangeable design allows Mega to transition from a snug-fitting spectacle dust goggle with adjustable-length temples to a hold-even-tighter dust goggle with a strap. Its eight base curve polycarbonate lens is also available in smoke for allover tint in normal outdoor conditions (18% of light passes through) and high-impact protection.