New Product Flash: Qt Conference Room Edition by Cambridge Sound Management

The Qt Conference Room Edition from Cambridge Sound Management is a speech protection system designed for conferences and boardrooms—those areas where maintaining privacy is often of utmost importance. The company’s patented direct-field sound masking technology adds a low level background sound outside of the conference room. This sound is optimized to mask human speech, which makes it less intelligible to those outside the room.FE-NPFlogo

Billed as an all-in-one solution for conference room privacy, and a suitable solution for retrofits, the Qt Conference Room Edition consists of a control module, two lighted privacy signs, and a series of direct-field sound masking emitters. When a room occupant turns on the control module inside of the conference room, it powers the sound masking emitters placed in the ceiling just outside of the room. These emitters add a low level of background sound that makes speech less intelligible.

Example layout of Qt Conference Room Edition installation
Example layout of Qt Conference Room Edition installation

Lighted privacy signs inside and outside of the room indicate the system is running, and let conference room occupants know their conversations are being protected. The system is GreenSpec listed, consuming less than seven watts of power. The Qt Conference Room system can be turned on and off as needed, left running at all times.

The system’s control module can be surface mounted directly to a wall, flush mounted with the supplied box, or flush mounted to a suitable 4-gang electrical box (or 3-gang using EU/UK hardware). The privacy signs can be mounted on glass using the hider plate, surface mounted with self-adhesive tape, or mounted using a 1-gang box (North America NEMA or EU/UK types).