Spectroline CG-1000 Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Portable Tool for Finding Leaks in Industrial Systems

The Spectroline® PRO-Chek CG™ Combustible Gas Leak Detector (CG-1000) provides a safe and effective way to detect gas leaks in industrial systems. This specialty tool is suitable for finding leaks in natural gas systems, propane tanks, pipelines, regulators and valves, heat exchangers, and many other combustive gas applications.

gas leak detector

Industrial maintenance technicians need to be vigilant in inspecting gas systems to ensure they’re working to maximum capability. Without proper attention, the results can range from gas losses, gas purity issues, and other safety concerns, including fire or asphyxiation.

The CG-1000 offers sensitivity, quality, and affordability in a portable gas leak detector. The unit detects natural gas, propane (5ppm), ammonia (20ppm), acetylene (50ppm), chlorine (1ppm), methanol (50ppm), acetone (50ppm), ethanol (5ppm), ethane (5ppm), butane (5ppm), cyclopentane (5ppm), carbon dioxide (500ppm), methyl chloride (5ppm), methyl ether (500ppm), and other gases.

The PRO-Chek CG-1000 is certified intrinsically safe for use in combustive/explosive environments and features an adjustable sensitivity control that helps pinpoint the exact location of every leak fast.

gas leak detectorAdditional features include a variable-intensity audible alarm and flashing LEDs to quickly determine the size and strength of the leak. An auto-zeroing function blocks out background gas levels in the test area. In addition, the PRO-Chek CG detector’s chrome-plated, flexible metal probe allows leak checking in tight places.

The PRO-Chek CG-1000 comes complete with a field-replaceable sensor to eliminate downtime, two D cell batteries, and a rugged carrying case.