SpotterRF CK2 & CK10 Compact Surveillance Radar

Perimeter security in all-weather conditions.

The CK2 and CK10 Spotter Radars from SpotterRF are compact surveillance radar (CSR) models for perimeter security.

Surveillance RadarThe CK2 is a narrow field of view radar made for tighter spaces, and for looking straight down the fence line. It is suitable for protecting smaller sites such as substations in urban or suburban environments and offers a 410′ range and 20° field of view for all-weather coverage of 13,123 square feet. The CK2 weighs 1.25 pounds and measures 9″ x 6.9″ x 1.7″.

“Customers and partners asked us to look at developing a narrow-view, but hyper reliable radar for tight spots like between buildings or looking directly down a fence line,” states SpotterRF CEO Logan Harris. “The new Spotter CK2 puts the power of radar in tight places where thermal cameras fail in adverse weather conditions and is more accurate and reliable than tripwire devices”

The CK10 Spotter Radar is for smaller substations and other critical infrastructure. It has a 492′ range, a 90° field of view, and tracks up to 20 targets simultaneously. The CK10 can cover the area of over 1.5 football fields with one radar sensor that measures 9″ x 6.9″ x 1.7″ and weighs 1.5 pounds.

The CK2 and CK10 operate at peak efficiency using a 24 GHz all-weather penetrating radar. They work in heat, rain, fog, snow, or sand storms when thermal cameras do not. RF transmit power is 100mW (unlicensed worldwide) and system power is 5 watts.

Easy to setup with Web UI (approximately 60 minutes), making it easier for security personnel to plug critical gaps in perimeter security, both surveillance radar models detect and pinpoint precise GPS coordinates of movers during all environmental conditions and can communicate with standard web browsers and Google Earth. No maintenance is required (no need to clean lenses).