Sustainable Fabrics Designer, Duvaltex, Merges Brands

Textile Pioneer unites True, Victor, and Teknit brands under a single brand—Duvaltex

Duvaltex, designer, developer, and manufacturer of high quality, sustainable fabrics, announced that its True, Victor, and Teknit brands will all migrate to the Duvaltex brand. The transition aligns with the company’s growth strategies and natural evolution since its founding in 2015. While Guilford of Maine will remain independent, combining the other three brands will reinforce Duvaltex’s position as the key brand and leader of the commercial textile industry.sustainable fabrics

Duvaltex firmly believes that streamlining the structure of its organization will lead to more innovative breakthroughs like CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ and more sustainable textile solutions.

In the first step of the migration, all the design services will be merged to achieve greater synergy.

“Our teams have always worked collaboratively, to draw on everyone’s talents,” explained Lisa Olson-Wong, Product Director, Panel and Upholstery Products, “and this move will foster even greater innovation and allow us to find exciting solutions for the challenges facing our industry.”

Machell Apple, Product Director, Wallcoverings and Cubicle, is also enthusiastic about the new structure. “It is a very positive strategic shift,” she said. “Together we’ll be stronger and more versatile, and that’s sure to generate novel ideas.”

Clients will benefit from a simplified client experience, with the same responsive, customer-centric service and access to a wider range of resources. The strengths of each brand will now be available through a new, streamlined partnership that will give all Duvaltex customers access to a wealth of textile design and engineering talent.

As groundbreakers in sustainable development for over 20 years, Duvaltex embraces a unique approach focused on reusing discarded materials and reducing waste. Since 2000, the company has manufactured over a hundred million yards of sustainable fabrics made from materials diverted from landfills. In spring 2019, in its ongoing pursuit of an ever-smaller environmental footprint, the company launched CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES.

biodegradable polyesterCLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES is recycled biodegradable polyester textile for commercial interiors. This technology allows Duvaltex to create high performance fabrics that are long-wearing in commercial interiors, but that can biodegrade in landfills and wastewater conditions at a rate similar to that of natural fibers (tested under ASTM D5511). This is achieved through the addition of a bio-catalyst in the yarn extrusion process that enables anaerobic digestion in landfill and wastewater treatment conditions. In addition, since these polyester fabrics were designed and manufactured for recyclability, they can also flow through a technical cycle, to be recycled and used as raw materials for future generations of polyester fabrics. CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES meet or exceed the ACT performance guidelines for heavy-duty upholstery.

Duvaltex president Alain Duval says that the company has always been guided by the desire to use resources responsibly. “It truly inspires us to preserve the planet for future generations. We are very confident that this transformation will both strengthen Duvaltex’s positioning in our markets and give us new opportunities to take further strides in sustainability.”