Swatches Wall Tile Collection

Crossville’s new line offers 16 colors in three chromatic groupings for interior vertical surfaces

Swatches from Crossville, Inc. is a wall tile collection. It provides extensive options and a vast color range for creating custom wall designs.wall tile collection

“Our goal for Swatches was to provide the ultimate palette for interior vertical surfaces,” said Lindsey Waldrep, VP of marketing for Crossville. “Looking at the amazing choices of this line, we certainly achieved that goal.”

Swatches’ 16 colors are presented in three groupings of foundational, neutral, and vibrant hues.

  • Necessary Objects (available in gloss and satin finishes): Cotton, Eggshell, Stone, and Coal
  • Neutral Territory (available in gloss and satin finishes): Shadow, Warm Silver, Seashell, Old Lace, Smokestack, and Sea Ice
  • Brilliant Deduction (available in gloss finish only): Cobalt, Mulberry, Lipstick Red, Pineapple, Petrol, and Spruce

wall tile collectionThe colors can be mixed and mingled to create exciting patterns or installed monochromatically for uniform looks.

“We literally thought of and included everything current when it comes to wall tile colors,” Waldrep explains. “The options in Necessary Options are designers’ staples—the foundational must-haves for countless projects. Neutral Territory’s hues are fun, new interpretations on neutral colors, an indication how design trends are evolving. And Brilliant Deduction is a modern rainbow with lots of gloss and colorful surprises.”

wall tile collectionThe line’s broad color offerings are matched by the selection of sizes, including five calibrated field tile options and a thorough trim package to finish every space professionally.

  • Field tiles: 2″x8″, 4″x8″, 3″x12″, 6″x6″, and 3″x6″
  • Bullnose options: single bullnose in 4″x8″, 3″x12″, and 3″x6″; double bullnose in 4″x4″
  • Cove base options: 3″x3″ and 4″x8″ cove base, right or left corner 4″x8″ cove base

“Today, we’re seeing more designers and property owners embracing color in unique, new ways. With Swatches’ incredible options—104 SKUs—we can’t wait to see the custom variations designers will create,” Waldrep summarizes.

Swatches wall tile collection is suited for interior vertical applications in commercial and residential settings and requires only minimal cleaning and maintenance.

The wall tile collection may be specified with Hydrotect™, Crossville’s invisible coating that offers added defense against dirt and pollution. Crossville’s proprietary process uses a hybrid photocatalyst coating containing nontoxic titanium dioxide. Applied in a secondary, high-temperature firing process, it stays on the surface and doesn’t wash or wear off.


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