The Cost Of Doing Business: 10 Most And Least Expensive Cities In North America

What does it cost to run the same building in all major cities in North America? A new Whitestone study compares operating and maintenance (O&M) cost for a benchmark office building in all major cities across North America.

Whitestone found the highest costs for a typical office building are $18.01 USD per square foot in Honolulu, while lowest costs are $5.45 in Mexico City. The complete list of costs for all major North American cities is presented in the Whitestone Facility Operating Cost Reference 2012-2013, North America Version.

Reported costs for a model two story office building. All costs are reported in USD using May 30, 2012 exchange rates.

Updated annually, the reference is a source for understanding how costs vary for 74 building types and 11 types of costs, including custodial services, energy, grounds, maintenance and repair, management, pest control, refuse, road clearance, telecommunications, and water and sewer.

To order the Whitestone Facility Operations Cost Reference 2012-2013, North America Version, visit this link.

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