ThermalWell Food Heating Technology

LTI releases improved system with less wattage and consistent temperatures

LTI, Inc. (Low Temp Industries) announced the release of their newly revised ThermalWell food heating technology. The new drop-in heating system improves on its low-wattage use with an even more efficient method of heating.

food heatingBy incorporating low-wattage silicon heating pads on the bottom and side walls of the pan, LTI’s drop-ins keep food at consistently accurate temperatures using 563.5 watts per well while in use. The heating system features a precise digital controller that dials in desired temperatures and works for both wet or dry-well applications with separate settings for each.

The new ThermalWell underwent in-house laboratory testing, third-party testing, and field testing in order to demonstrate its energy-saving effectiveness. In a dry-well unit test against a competitor, LTI found that the yearly cost of running a six-well table at 208V is around $125 less than that of the competitor. The side-by-side testing showed that ThermalWell would cost $320 per year, while the competitor’s unit would cost $445. Similar testing was then done against a different competitor but run at 120V. ThermalWell’s annual cost came to $333 compared to the competitor’s $902 cost. These costs are based on running the equipment for eight hours per day, six days a week and 50 weeks per year.

“We really had just one goal in mind when we began building ThermalWell—build a better dry well,” said Mike Purcell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at LTI. “We thought we’d be able to offer a heating technology that provides superior temperature performance and energy savings, and that’s just what we’ve done. With no water to manage, ThermalWell requires less power to run and comes with a lower cost installation.”