Tricks Of The Trade: Used Furniture

By James C. Elledge, IFMA Fellow, CFM, FMA, RPA, RIAQM
Published in the April 2007 issue of Today’s Facility Manager

Q In the past, tenants have left behind their old office furniture. Most manufacturers say it isn’t being made anymore, and they really can’t do anything with it. What options do we have?

Hal Haller
Property Director
IPC Real Estate Management
Wichita, KS

A Being in a small market makes it more difficult to dispose ofsurplus furniture. You can always donate the excess to local charitiesor other needy causes if you are in a rush to clear the space.

Anotheroption would be to find a furniture remanufacturer that offers optionslike asset banking. Unfortunately, one of the largest national removalfranchises, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, is not yet in your area. This company isadding franchises rapidly, so check back often.

Elledge,facility/office services manager for Dallas, TX-based Summit AllianceCompanies, is the recipient of the Distinguished Author Award from theInternational Facility Management Association (IFMA), is an IFMA Fellow, and isa member of TFM’sEditorial Advisory Board. All questions have been submitted via the “Ask TheExpert” portion of the magazine’s Web site. To pose a question, visit this link.