US LED Expands With Air Purification Solutions

In cooperation with GreenTech Environmental, the company now provides its customers options utilizing Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®) technology to sanitize indoor air.

US LED, a leading provider of ultra-long-life LED lighting solutions and electric vehicle chargers, has recently initiated an additional focus on active air purification in cooperation with GreenTech Environmental. This comes after laboratory testing results show that active air purification with Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®) technology delivers a 99% effective rate against aggressive infectious bacteria. Furthermore, ARC® active air purification has been independently proven to inactivate SARS-CoV2 in a controlled environment and reduce total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in a commercial space by more than 99%.

Air purification solutions from US LED feature (from l to r) portable units, wall-mounted units, and in-duct units.

“For US LED, expanding into air purification was a natural alignment with our existing combination of green technology solutions,” said Ron Farmer, CEO at US LED. “By collaborating with the leader in natural and safe air purification [GreenTech], we can empower our customers to sanitize their indoor environments safely to support occupant wellbeing. All supported by our world-class project management team that assists customers every step of the way.”

Conventional passive filters require air to pass through them to be cleaned, thus allowing pathogens to contaminate everything in their path as they move through and some too small to even be trapped. Active air purification technology recreates natural processes to produce purifying agents and projects them into the air to meet contaminants where they are and remove them. US LED offers multiple solutions, including:

  • Commercial In-Duct Active Air Purification
  • Wall Mounted Indoor Active Air Purification (Buildings or Service Vehicles)
  • Portable Indoor Active Air Purification

Since 2001, US LED has been a full-service provider of commercial LED lighting, sign lighting, EV chargers, and other building technology solutions. With decades of engineering expertise, US LED continuously offers ultra-long-life lighting that approaches or exceeds 200,000-Hour L70 lifetimes backed by a Ten-Year Warranty. Much of the product portfolio is assembled in Houston, TX.