Venstar ACC-TSENWIFI Temperature Sensor

Helps average air temperatures across an entire location

Model ACC-TSENWIFI from Venstar® is a wireless temperature sensor compatible with most Venstar Wi-Fi thermostats, including ColorTouch® and Voyager® Wi-Fi® thermostats. It can be used as a remote sensor or to measure the temperature of the outdoor, supply, or return air, enabling the averaging of air temperatures across an entire location for a more comfortable, energy efficient environment.

temperature sensorModel ACC-TSENWIFI may help balance temperature in multi-story buildings, such as two-story offices where the only thermostat is located downstairs. In a restaurant, it can be installed in the dining room, where the customers are, to help balance the heat of the kitchen, where most thermostats are installed. Using Model ACC-TSENWIFI on rooftop HVAC will alert users and contractors if the temperature of the air being supplied is outside of expected limits making it easier to determine which of the many units HVAC units is malfunctioning.

Model ACC-TSENWIFI can be used indoors or outdoors using the on-board sensor or an external sensor. For added flexibility, it also ships with an external duct sensor. When Supply Air Alert is enabled, alerts are sent to the user and/or contractor’s mobile device using the free Skyport mobile app, which remotely monitors and controls ColorTouch and Voyager Wi-Fi thermostats and sends an e-mail when the supply air has not reached the desired temperature in the allotted time. Users can manage multiple thermostats in numerous locations from the app or directly from the web.

In addition to receiving wireless sensor temperature alerts, users can use the Skyport Mobile App to monitor and control thermostat information, including the name and location of thermostat, current weather, and forecast; remotely access the wireless temperature sensor for information on supply and return air temperatures and humidity; change heat and cool set points, change thermostat modes, and view equipment status (heating, cooling, off), including lockouts; enable or disable the time period schedule; view thermostat alerts, including Supply Air Temperature, Time for Service, Air Filter Replacement, and Humidity Pad Replacement; view daily, weekly, and monthly runtime graphs to see energy usage; view heating and cooling runtimes for the day, current week, and previous week; manage advanced configurations, such as stage dead bands, stages of cooling and heating, display brightness, and screen savers; view and change security settings, including monitoring the passcode, setting View Only access, disabling mode changes, and disabling/enabling override; set Occupied/Unoccupied settings; and program time period schedules.

Up to 20 Model ACC-TSENWIFI sensors can be used per network. They can be set up to work individually or together for a consistent, average temperature. The wireless temperature sensor may be powered by 24VAC power or four AA batteries, which deliver an average battery life of about one year for the indoor temperatures or two years for outdoor temperatures.