Wilsonart Launches 15 SOLICOR™ Laminate Designs

Colorthrough designs provide sleek and seamless versatility in commercial and residential surfacing applications.

Wilsonart, a provider of engineered surfacing solutions, has announced 15 new introductions to the Wilsonart® SOLICOR™ and SOLICOR™ Compact Laminate Collection. These colorthrough designs eliminate the troublesome “brown line,” creating a crisp, clean look all the way to the edge, and offer a durable solution for high-impact environments.

laminateNew décors and three new core color offerings in popular neutrals, Brown, Grey and Almond, create a more robust product offering. These combinations allow for greater design versatility when it comes to durable, seamless surfacing solutions, in a range of colorthrough décors from industrial plywood, linear woodgrains to fine velvet textured linens and stones suited for any space with fashion and function.

“These SOLICOR additions fill a void in the marketplace,” said Garret Quarles, Wilsonart specialty products manager. “Designers want the freedom to use a durable and sustainable material like laminate without sacrificing on style. By eliminating that disruptive brown line, SOLICOR opens up a world of possibilities.”

SOLICOR Laminate is ideally suited for desks and countertops, backsplashes, cabinetry, cabinet doors and retail merchandising displays, and is available in 0.048” +/- 0.005” thickness.

In addition, SOLICOR is available as Compact Laminate and can be used without a substrate for countertops, furniture, fixtures, partitions, lockers and wall panels. SOLICOR Compact Laminate is available in any SOLICOR solid color or décor, featured in a matte finish, available in ½” thickness.