Wooster Products’ Anti-slip Stair Tread

STAIRMASTER® safety renovation tread with optional dual colors makes the front edge more visible

Wooster Products STAIRMASTER safety renovation treads are designed for the modernization and restoration of all types of stairs, while also providing anti-slip protection. They are now available in many coordinating or contrasting colors, including photoluminescent, to enhance front edge visibility and safety. With a proprietary bonding process that ensures a long service life, this anti-slip renovation stair tread is suitable for exit path markings, safety egress systems, steps, and landings.

stair treadSTAIRMASTER meets 2015 IFC code compliance and is suited for interior or exterior retrofit applications on all types of stairs and landings. Clean architectural lines ensure aesthetic appeal. The renovation stair tread is available in 9″ or 11″ widths, and in lengths to order, some to a maximum 12′. It includes a mill finish extruded aluminum base, with a beveled edge, and countersunk holes as standard. Anchor options include Tapcon screws, Wood Screws, Machine Screws, or Expansion Screws.

The heat treated corrosion resistant aluminum substrate has a with satin/lacquered finish. The use of a nearly diamond-hard aluminum oxide in the filler is guaranteed for five years and typically lasts much longer under heavy pedestrian traffic. Bright, long lasting NITEGLOW® photoluminescent epoxy filler is free of hazardous and radioactive substances, and extends uniformly throughout the filler. A high content of aluminum oxide abrasive provides traction and long service life. Anti-slip filler includes approximately 65% virgin grain aluminum oxide/silicon carbide abrasive. Photoluminescent epoxy binder is a fully cured resilient epoxy with a filler ratio of 16% minimum for enhanced cleanability.