Walk-A-Sured Epoxy System Offers Traction

The Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy System Anti-Slip Floor Coating Provides Safe Traction for Pedestrians and Vehicles

The Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy System from Wooster Products is a coating that offers anti-slip protection for almost any surface. It is a specially formulated quick set system that will provide a clear, yet sure-footed and safe traction surface for pedestrians and vehicles around areas such as pools, decks, steps, ramps, kitchens, and amusement parks.

epoxy systemThe Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy System is a 100% solids, two component epoxy system without VOCs. It is self-leveling and blush-free for covering and filling scratches. The product’s coefficient of Friction Meets or exceeds OSHA Standard 1910.22, ADA Coefficient of Friction Guidelines, and ASTM Specifications.

The Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy System adheres to a variety of substrates, including as concrete, wood, metals, terrazzo, marble, and glass. It features chemical, solvent, and water resistance and is available in three grades: Barefoot 60 for spas, showers, and boats; Universal 40 for multipurpose indoor and outdoor use; and Heavy Duty 20 for kitchens and industrial use.

Solvent free, Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy systems are tough and abrasive and can be applied over old coatings without raising them. They also exhibit a high level of color stability when exposed to UV light.

The Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy System offers abrasion resistance and is mixed and applied using a 1/4″ nap epoxy paint roller. The coatings come in one gallon kits with approximate coverage rates of 150 to 275 square feet per gallon and a pot life of 15 to 20 minutes (fast cure epoxy). Work life is longer in cooler temperatures and shorter in warmer temperatures. Cure time is approximately eight hours at 75°F. The surface being coated should be above 55°F before applying Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy systems.