IFMA Survey Open: Identifying FM Responsibilities

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In February, IFMA launched the 2009 Global Job Task Analysis (GJTA)—an important undertaking for the purpose of identifying responsibilities and job activities shared by facility managers worldwide. IFMA is now entering the survey phase of the GJTA project, and the participation of active facility professionals is crucial.

Through the survey, IFMA is asking members of the profession to help define what it means to be a competent facility manager in today’s global business environment. The survey will take less than an hour to complete. (Those who can’t complete it all at once can return to it later and continue from their stopping point.)

The terminology may be a little different what is typically used. For instance, the term “domains” is used instead of “competency areas,” and tasks and responsibilities are listed for each domain. The survey also asks about the knowledge and skills needed to complete the listed tasks.

The results of the survey will form the basis for the profession’s global body of knowledge and ensure that IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager® (CFM) measures all candidates against a single standard. To begin the survey, click here.

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