Visix Announces Contactless Space Booking Platform

The Choros platform allows users to book spaces using personal devices to work, study, or gather in hybrid offices and learning environments,


Visix Choros AR Space Booking Platform
Visix Choros AR Space Booking Platform

Visix, Inc. has completed development of their Choros AR space booking platform and the finished product will debut in booth 266 at IFMA World Workplace on September 27. 

The McKinsey State of Organizations 2023 report states that about 90% of organizations have embraced hybrid work models to let employees work outside the office at least some of the time, leading to new workplace habits and demands. Facility managers have had to adapt the way they organize and manage facilities, while simultaneously battling supply chain issues.

Choros was developed to help clients adapt to the changing workplace and labor landscape in ways that meet employee expectations by helping them navigate the challenges of finding places to work, study, or gather in hybrid offices and learning environments.

The space booking platform allow users to book spaces on the go using their own personal devices. Users scan a QR code mounted near a shared space to check room availability, view its schedule, and book if open. Choros will find alternative rooms available to book on the spot when spaces appear as reserved. The technology supplants room signs through these capabilities, using native WebAR support built into iOS and Android smartphones to overlay booking options in the user’s camera view for immersive booking experiences.

Choros is a 100% cloud-based platform. Calendar integration, user groups and spaces are managed in a cloud-based platform with options for meeting rooms, workspaces, and other shared assets. Space managers can note technology and amenities for each space, and users can view a 3D representation in their camera view. Furthermore, Choros integrates with Office 365 to show bookings and availability, and eliminate double bookings. 

The elimination of hardware and cabling saves cost and installation workloads associated with room sign deployments. Not only that, but Choros requires no app to be downloaded and updated, so systems integrators and end users both benefit from the functionality of a room sign without the need to buy hardware or provide power and network connectivity to shared spaces and bookings. IT departments also have no burden of coercing app downloads or website login requirements on staff through Choros.

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