NEW PRODUCT FLASH: SecureLock Ceilings From Armstrong

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Armstrong introduces MetalWorks™ SecureLock™, a suspended ceiling system designed to resist or prevent access to the plenum overhead. Two options are offered depending on the required security level—SecureLock and SecureLock Plus.

SecureLock is a 2’x 2’ lay-in panel system for minimum security areas that need a tamper resistant ceiling that can withstand up to 850 pounds and a minimum of 430 pounds of force. Manufactured from 18-gauge galvanized steel for strength and durability, the panels install into an Armstrong Prelude® heavy-duty suspension system.

The other option is SecureLock Plus, a screw-in plank system for maximum security areas that require a tamper proof ceiling capable of withstanding 960 pounds to 3,100 pounds of force and 600 impacts with 200 ft.-pounds of energy.

Manufactured from 12, 14, and 16-gauge galvanized steel, the planks are available in 12”, 18” and 24” widths and up to 10’ lengths. This system is also available in custom sizes and colors to meet design requirements.

Control Access To Plenums

These security ceiling systems incorporate concealed locking mechanisms and are used to prevent individuals from leaving a space or from storing contraband in the ceiling plane. Typical applications include correctional facilities such as jails, detention centers and prisons, judicial facilities and courthouses, psychiatric and juvenile wards in healthcare facilities, and a variety of transportation, retail, and education installations.

Both SecureLock system types are offered in perforated and unperforated options. When backed with an acoustical infill, the perforated ceilings attain a Noise Reduction Coefficent (NRC) of 0.80 (they absorb 80% of the sound that strikes them).

Both system types have also been tested according to proposed ASTM WK90902 Load and Impact Test: “Standard test method for physical assault on overhead fixed barriers for detention and correctional facilities.”  Test reports are available from Armstrong.

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