Guide To Water Conservation Solutions Now Available

A practical guide designed to expand water conservation efforts inside and outside of today’s facilities was released. The IFMA Foundation and the Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments (ASBE) produced the white paper titled A Comprehensive Guide to Water Conservation: The Bottom Line Impacts, Challenges and Rewards.

The guide is available free of charge and provides an overview of key areas in water conservation, covering: domestic water use including restrooms, hot water consumption and water reclamation; process water use including cooling towers and laundry facilities; rainwater harvesting with a description of harvesting techniques and applications for water reuse; green roofs with a description of types and various benefits of green roofs; and case studies that offer real-world insight into effective approaches.

Relying on their knowledge, authors of the guide provided an array of information pertinent to water-related issues. The authors include: Rob Zimmerman, Manager – Engineering, Water Conservation and Sustainability at Kohler Co.; Mike Warren, Senior Design Engineer at Watertronics; Patrick Okamura, Facility Manager at General Dynamics; Gary Klein Managing Partner of Affiliated International Management, LLC; Ed Jarger, General Sales and Marketing Manager at American Hydrotech; and David Cosaboon, Staff Engineer at Facility Engineering Associates.

The white paper is the latest in the Sustainability “How-to” Guide Series produced by the IFMA Foundation. To download a free copy of A Comprehensive Guide to Water Conservation: The Bottom Line Impacts, Challenges and Rewards, send an e-mail to with the words “Water Guide” in the subject line of your e-mail.


  1. Imagine if all facility managers approached their organizations about ways to reuse/recycle/reclaim water? Not only would they save money in the long run and help conserve this valuable resource, but they’d be setting the trend for all others to follow.

    We really need a culture shift which corporations can really be a part of. All it takes are some stubborn FM’s to push their projects through. After all, they should know best.

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