BOMI International To Release 2013 Edition Of Environmental Health And Safety Issues Course

BOMI International will begin offering the 2013 edition of the U.S. Environmental Health and Safety Issues course as of January 1, 2013. The goal of this course is to help facility management professionals meet the challenge of providing a safe and healthy work environment for building occupants and employees. Participation in this course will allow students to learn how to:

  • Manage and audit compliance of properties to codes and standards;
  • Assess the health of target properties prior to acquisition;
  • Reduce a property’s environmental footprint through sound planning, management, and leadership;
  • Take a proactive approach to emergency response and communication;
  • Manage IAQ/IEQ, hazardous substances, lead and asbestos mitigation, and other environmental issues; and
  • Stay on top of developments regarding EPA, OSHA, CERCLA, SARA, ADA, and other government entities and regulations.

The course takes the approach of building a comprehensive environmental health and safety (EHS) program from the bottom up. The focus is on enhancing EHS management skills to ensure effective implementation of the program. The management strategies emphasized, when applied, can minimize the risks and liability inherent in operating buildings and the equipment in them.

Students in the course will engage in a case study and interactive problem-solving activities designed to assist them in mastering key learning concepts. In the classroom, students will collaborate with their peers on how to develop and manage a proactive EHS program.

“The combination of advanced competencies offered in this new edition ensures managers thoroughly understand all regulations impacting themselves, their organizations, and the buildings/facilities they manage so they can execute a proper environmental health and safety program and succeed in avoiding costly litigation for noncompliance,” said Jeffrey Horn, president and CEO of BOMI International.

Environmental Health and Safety Issues is a required course in BOMI International’s Real Property Administrator (RPA®), Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®), and Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) designation programs. The course may also be used to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for those in the industry.