ANN SACKS’ Duet Porcelain Tile

Mixed and Matched Tile for Wall and Flooring Applications

The Duet collection from ANN SACKS is a line of porcelain tile. It is suitable for indoor wall and flooring applications as well as for outdoor use (subject to climate and method of installation).

Receiving its cues from the natural beauty and irregular smooth-to-textured hand of sandstone, Duet is an expressive blend of neutral colors that create synergy between the tile’s creamy shades relieved with punctuations of deep black in sharp contrast.

Designed to be mixed and matched, Duet is available in shades of White, Flax, and Black with varying surface textures—Matte, Lined, or Flamed—for a convergence of opposites. It is offered in 8″ x 48″ field tile sold in a random mix of Matte, Lined, and Flamed finishes (surface texture), 12″ x 24″ field tile in a Matte finish, and 24″ x 48″ field tile in a Flamed surface texture. The porcelain tile also comes in 8″ x 8″ hexagon in a random mix of Matte, Lined, and Flamed finishes. Trim is 4″ x 24″ SBN with a Matte finish.porcelain tile

Duet is durable and easy to maintain. This in-box programmatic collection 
combines the designs for a look that adapts to 
its surroundings to deliver warmth of character similar to 
that of well-worn tiles that have stood the test of time.