In-telligent Communication App Enhances Facility Safety

This technology platform ensures building occupants will be alerted immediately during an emergency — irrespective of the notification settings on their mobile devices or the language they speak.

The In-telligent platform is a tool for facility managers to provide peace of mind to their building occupants — both regular occupants and visitors — by enabling them to be better informed, have greater awareness, and become more deeply engaged in a facility’s “communities.” With best in class functionality, and remarkable ease of use, In-telligent builds awareness focused on strengthening trust and heightening facility

In the case of an emergency, In-telligent technology ensures that a facility community will be alerted immediately — irrespective of the notification settings on the occupant’s mobile device or the language that they speak. And, In-telligent users can also send information to facility management allowing critical information to immediately reach decision-makers during stressful events.

In-telligent is easy to set up and use. Users download the app from either the Play or App Store, launch the app, and create a user account. Once done, they will automatically be added to any In-telligent community when they are physically in the property. Users, like loved ones and other family members, can also manually choose to follow a particular building community enabling them to receive alerts from that community regardless of their location when the alerts are issued.

“In-telligent was born out of passionate desire to give communities a better tool to communicate, to heighten their awareness and enjoyment of their surroundings, and help keep them safe,” said Allan Sutherland, In-telligent Founder and CEO. “The use of the platform is free to our facility partners. We don’t believe in putting a price tag on safety. Making In-telligent free eliminates the ‘cost-benefit’ paradox. Each facility is different. Making In-telligent available for free allows every building manager to use it based on their specific needs.” Banner advertising in the app is a revenue stream that is shared between the facility management user and In-telligent.

Increasingly, facility managers need to be proactive and better prepared for unexpected emergencies. Integrating In-telligent into a facility’s emergency communication procedures ensures that they are better prepared for the unexpected, and that both regular occupants and visitors are safer and more informed during a crisis situation.

In-telligent’s benefits have been reviewed with many property and casualty (P&C) insurance carriers who have validated its merits. Once the app is incorporated into a facility’s community’s emergency procedures, a significant reduction in the property’s P&C policy premiums is likely.

More important than revenue and cost-savings though, people will be safer and better informed through heightened communication. “In the end, this is all that really matters,” says Sutherland. “During a crisis, effective communication is critical. In-telligent was designed to make this possible.”