Are Companies Mandating More Time In The Office?

Nearly 60% of companies currently mandate or encourage more time in-office for employees, according to the 2024 VTS Global Workplace Report.

Heading into 2024, a recent workplace survey reveals that 59% of companies are currently mandating or encouraging their employees to spend more time in-office. What’s more, an additional 55% of companies expect to do so over the next six months, according to the survey.

The survey findings are detailed in the 2024 VTS Global Workplace Report, which uses data to pinpoint corporate needs and expectations related to office space. It addresses workplace strategy, operations and access, as well as engagement. The report also provides insight into how companies are currently engaging with office space and what their current needs are.

“As companies’ return-to-work plans continue to take shape, the office has re-emerged as the primary place of business for today’s workforce.”

— Nick Romito, CEO, VTS

Based on the survey of business leaders from across the globe on their workplace strategy and sentiment, VTS’s first Global Workplace Report reveals a strong conviction to the workplace as return-to-office continues to gain momentum. For example, only 1% of companies in North America and Europe have gone fully remote

“As companies’ return-to-work plans continue to take shape, the office has re-emerged as the primary place of business for today’s workforce,” said Nick Romito, CEO of VTS. “With more employees getting back in offices, landlords and companies need to be considering the on-site experience of employees and the technology needed to manage it, as tenants’ demands have shifted greatly during the pandemic.”

Workplace Survey
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The Workplace, Redefined

The Global Workplace Report explores how the workplace is being redefined, how confident companies are in their workplace plans, and what motivates employees to return to the office.

A redefinition of the workplace means that more flex space than ever before is needed, along with the technology to manage employees’ day-to-day journey.

  • Almost 60% of respondents say their employees work from home at some point during the week
  • Only 1% of companies have gone fully remote
  • 92% of company leaders say they want a singular app for both building and office access, with 52% saying they desire mobile access capability
  • Only 67% of companies say their building provides sufficient collaborative spaces outside the workplace suite

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Companies have a high degree of confidence in the success of their workplace plans and strategies, including their office footprints.

  • 84% of respondents have a positive assessment of employee satisfaction and receptiveness towards their workplace policy
  • 69% of companies say their office is the right size to meet their current needs

Companies believe collaboration, community, and productivity are the dominant motivators for their talent to return to the office.

  • 36% say in-person collaboration and community most entice talent to the office
  • 49% say producing engagement activities specific and targeted to their company would positively influence sentiment

The full 2024 VTS Global Workplace Report is available for download here.

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