ASI Gekko Vitta LVT with setaGrip

The resilient tile collection utilizes state of the art technology that allows for an adhesive-free bond

Gekko Vitta LVT (luxury vinyl tile) from Architectural Systems, Inc. (ASI) merges organic textures and wood grains from light to dark colorations with a setaGrip™ installation system from NuFlors™, a New York based manufacturer. This setaGrip technology creates an adhesive-free bond to any existing non-porous surface.LVT

Gekko Vitta LVT measures 7¼” x 48″ and is 4mm thick with a 22mil commercial wear layer. Multi-layered, it is constructed of a SetaGrip vacuum suction layer, vinyl core backing layer, high definition image layer, and super clear wear layer. It is finished with a crosslinked urethane coating with ceramic bead reinforcement.

“ASI|Architectural Systems is very excited to introduce this innovative and solution based flooring material to the A+D Community. Gekko Vita, with a modern color palette and propriety adhesion technology has all the aesthetic features and performance benefits that will make it a disruptor when specifying luxury vinyl floors,” stated Co-Founder and President, Nancy Jackson

LVT“We are partnering with ASI to bring this revolutionary technology to the architecture and design industry,” says NuFlors Managing Partner, David J Kim. “We’ve engineered the first true hybrid, glueless system and we want to educate everyone in the contract markets, flooring experts, installers, architects, and designers, etc. on the benefits of SetaGrip and why they should be using this flooring material.”

SetaGrip requires no adhesives, glue, or tape but uses vacuum, negative fluid pressure and millions of nano-sized pores to securely adhere any object to a flat, non-porous surface. When the flooring is pressed against the surface, the pores act like millions of miniature suction cups and create a large vacuum, generating a strong suction force that can hold a tremendous amount of weight. The technology is inspired by the gecko’s ability to adhere to any surface and allows these durable, waterproof, and sound-absorbing planks to be installed easily or removed and reused without leaving a residue.

SetaGrip was launched in January of 2018, and first introduced to the design industry at Buildings NY in May 2018 and again at the AIA Conference on Architecture in June.