J+J Flooring Releases Forces of Nature Collection

The flooring collection is inspired by weather elements and uses 100% nylon, which can be dyed in multiple colors.

J+J Flooring introduced Forces of Nature—an 18” x 36” tile collection inspired by the beauty and strength of weather elements.

Forces of Nature is comprised of three coordinating patterns, using 100% Encore SD Ultima solution-dyed nylon, to meet the needs of each unique space. Zephyr is the new workhorse, a neutral base product designed after its namesake to have a more textured look. This gentle breeze-inspired design—or the “calm” after the storm—comes in seven colors and utilizes J+J’s patented Precision Color Technology yarn. PCT gives products a space-dyed effect, thanks to a special striation created through the yarn’s twisting process.

Cumulus joins Zephyr in its lower price-point, high design arena, resembling billowy cloud formations with its translucent forms. It comes in 14 color options that evoke everything from the rumbling of a storm surge to sun rays peeking through during a breathtaking sunrise. Cumulus also utilizes PCT yarn.

Tempest rounds out the offerings as the boldest of the trio, crafted from two-ply twist nylon with the strong movement of irregular strokes of color to represent the sometimes-unnerving contrast between threatening power and awesome beauty in a storm’s lifecycle. It also comes in 14 colors.

Tempest and Cumulus come in two pattern variations to accompany Zephyr, allowing the user to mix and match with ease, creating color palettes applicable for all markets from corporate to hospitality to senior living. All three utilize J+J’s Nexus Modular Backing with both an EPD and HPD available,  are CRI Green Label Plus Certified, NSF/ANSI 140 Gold Certified and boast many more contributing attributes to performance and sustainability goals. The line also coordinates with all of J+J’s product platforms including other modular carpet tiles, broadloom, LVT, and Kinetex textile composite flooring.

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