ASSE International Releases Standard For Water Dispensers

Water dispensers covered by this ASSE standard include an integral electrically powered heater or cooler.

In September 2019, ASSE International published “ASSE 1023-2019, Performance Requirements for Electrically Heated or Cooled Water Dispensers,” designated as an American National Standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

water dispensers
Credit: Ryan McVay

Water dispensers covered by this standard include an integral electrically powered heater or cooler. Products covered by ASSE 1023 include, but are not limited to, under-counter-mounted water dispensing systems, freestanding plumbed systems, freestanding bottled systems, and countertop systems.

“Historically, ASSE 1023 only covered residential hot water dispensers, which are useful for quickly delivering hot drinking water for beverages and typically mounted at the kitchen sink,” said Blake Dinchak, senior regulatory compliance engineer for InSinkErator and ASSE 1023 Working Group Chairperson.

“In this revision, ASSE 1023 now covers similar devices that connect to the potable water supply to heat, chill, or treat water in office kitchens or breakrooms. Engineers and technical professionals representing manufacturers, testing laboratories, and inspection agencies collaborated and contributed their technical expertise to update the standard. This is a welcomed edition of the standard since the revisions enhance the performance metrics and there was no similar standard for these devices in the past.”

Performance requirements in ASSE 1023 include compliance testing for abnormal discharge, minimum water temperature, instant capacity for heated water, continuous capacity, contaminant reduction, and detailed requirements for materials, installation, maintenance, and markings.

The ASSE 1023-2019 is available for purchase online at ASSE International.