Automated UV Disinfection

Nexos Intelligent Disinfection connects with UVC lighting, sensors, access control, and other hardware to disinfect spaces safely with minimal human intervention

Igor provides a versatile and easy to install power-over-ethernet platform solution to make commercial buildings smarter and more energy efficient. In response to COVID-19, the company developed a patent-pending automated UV disinfection solution, Nexos Intelligent Disinfection. This product leverages Igor’s smart building platform, Nexos, and commercially available ultraviolet (UVC) lighting and sensors to safely and automatically disinfect rooms without human intervention.

UV disinfection“Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we are designing a turnkey kitted solution for building operators and businesses to clean building interiors and minimize human contact,” said Dwight Stewart, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Igor.”

Nexos Intelligent Disinfection connects with UVC lighting, sensors, access control, and other hardware to create an automated process to disinfect spaces safely.

Before initiating the UV disinfection process, Nexos determines all safety checks are met. During the occupancy scan, the Nexos Intelligent Disinfection software pulls data from occupancy sensors, people counting, and door locks to determine the space is unoccupied, ensuring the safety of employees.

Once a space is determined to be unoccupied during the safety checks, Nexos commands the UVC lighting and other sanitizing equipment in the space to initiate the disinfection process. When the process is activated, doors are triggered to lock from the outside and exterior signals indicate that disinfection is in progress. Nexos Intelligent Disinfection automatically starts and finishes the complete sanitization of a space while ensuring the safety of all occupants.

Users can program a cycle to sterilize individual rooms or entire offices during nonbusiness hours while there is no occupancy. Nexos Intelligent Disinfection also provides peace of mind and flexibility in-between occupancy. Users can manually engage the UV disinfection cycle after meetings to sanitize conference rooms before being occupied by another group, in common areas when empty, and in short increments throughout the day to maintain a safe work environment.

Igor UVC Light Fixtures (UVCLF-22) are at the heart of the Nexos Intelligent Disinfection solution. Enabled with Igor PoE technology and packed with UVC LEDs, these 2’x2′ troffers are the first step towards providing employees and customers a safe, sanitary environment. UVC fixtures and Intelligent Disinfection controls can be installed for one room, multiple rooms, or even added to an existing Igor Nexos installation.

Since UVC lighting can be harmful to humans, it’s important the fixtures are used in a safe manner to prevent improper exposure. When paired with the Nexos Intelligent Disinfection solution, the UVC light fixtures are only enabled when the room is unoccupied and safe for disinfection. Additionally, since UVC light is invisible to the human eye, Igor has integrated purple illumination into the fixtures to indicate when disinfection is in progress. The LEDs emit in the peak germicidal range of 260 nm to 270 nm, providing consistent antimicrobial performance across a range of pathogenic organisms. One 90-minute continuous disinfection cycle is recommended per day (for 9′ fixture mounting height), with additional bursts of disinfection for heavily used spaces when unoccupied.

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