Avery Surface Sign Labels

Constructed to prevent damage to walls and paint, leaving them without a messy residue

Surface Safe™ sign labels from Avery® Products are adhesive sign labels. This customizable signage will not damage or leave residue on walls, windows, stainless steel, and more.sign labels

Surface Safe is made of a durable polyester material that’s water, chemical, abrasion, and tear resistant. The sign labels are suitable for creating caution, hazard, compliance, warning, and confined space signs, as well as signs for offices, schools, and special events.

The removable Surface Safe adhesive sticks and stays put yet removes cleanly without damage or residue, for up to three years when used as recommended. It is suitable for use indoors on surfaces such as painted walls, drywall, doors, glass, and metal.

The sign labels are easy to customize and users can either print them from a standard desktop printer or have them custom printed by Avery WePrint, the company’s professional printing service. Users can choose from hundreds of complimentary stock or customizable OSHA/ANSI compliant templates.

sign labels“These new sign labels offer a simple solution for businesses and facilities to create custom signage that won’t damage surfaces and holds up to wear and tear in warehouses, the manufacturing floor, and offices,” said Tina Huff, Group Product Manager. “The adhesive used in our Surface Safe technology offers users a unique performance, and even better, with the easy-to-use design software, they can design and print new signage in minutes from their desktop printer or let Avery WePrint professionally print them. And when they need a change, they can easily take the sign down, leaving no damage or residue.”

Surface Safe is available in 8” x 8” (61513), 5” x 7” (61511), 3½” x 5” (61514), and 7” x 10” (61515) sheets. The sign labels are compatible with both laser and inkjet printers—no specialized printer is required. For the best inkjet printer performance, use pigment-based inks like those used in HP® OfficeJet Pro and Epson® WorkForce® Pro printers.