AwareManager Mobile 8.0

New version of mobile app reflects the industry’s transformation to a mobile-first model for facility and property management.

AwareManager, the facility management software company, has released version 8.0 of its mobile application for iOS and Android devices. AwareManager Mobile 8.0 includes a new user interface, making the app easier to use, as well as several new features to make mobile facility and property management a reality.

mobile application“Most building staff, engineers and vendors have already made the shift from the desktop to mobile to do their jobs. Now, managers, executive leadership and end users, including commercial real estate tenants, are following their lead,” said Jeff Thompson, cofounder/CEO of AwareManager. “The continued transformation to a mobile-first model for building operations proves that it is critical for mobile applications to evolve as well to meet the unique needs of each stakeholder.”

The new features in AwareManager Mobile 8.0, which is now available in the Apple and Google Play stores, include the following abilities:

  • Set global saved searches for specific user groups. System administrators can now define and set saved searches for individual users, groups or divisions, ensuring that everyone has easy access to the information they need most.
  • Launch a work order from an email. For users who rely on email, they can now launch the mobile application to open a specific work order that has been assigned to them – or for managers, when a work order has been escalated to their attention via an emailed notification.
  • View readings history on inspections. When staff or vendors are completing inspections, they need context to see if specific equipment readings are anomalies or part of a bigger trend. In this release, users in inspection mode can view the past five values recorded for each reading. These are displayed graphically in a chart or numerically in a table, enabling them to track performance data over time, directly from their mobile devices.

These new features are supported by a redesigned user interface, making the app easier to navigate and use for building staff, vendors and managers alike. Learn more about the AwareManager platform and Mobile 8.0 here.