Beads Pendant Light from Innermost

Two Designs That Create Reflections of Light in Interior Spaces

The Beads pendant light was designed by Winnie Lui for Innermost and is distributed in the U.S. by IM Design Concepts. It is suited for interior applications that include casinos, hotels, restaurants, building lobbies, merchandise showrooms, and galleries and museums.

The Beads pendant light resembles beads strung together to create hovering spheres of light. It provides both direct and ambient lighting in a range of finishes.

Octo Beads in Copper

BEADS pendant lights are available in two sizes and shapes, each suited for different spaces. When lit, they offer an array of infinite reflections, as if the interior was inlaid with jewels.

The Octo is for large spaces such as dining areas and lounges. These beads are arranged to form an elongated sphere that measures 30.3″ W x 16.1″ H and suspends via a height-adjustable clear PVC cable from a matching 5″ x 3″ceiling rose.

Penta beads are the smaller size and equal in all dimensions. They are arranged to form a sphere measuring 21.3″ W x 18.9″ H and suspend via a height adjustable clear PVC cable from a matching 5″ x 3″ ceiling rose.

pendant light
Penta Beads in Chrome

Penta is slightly deeper than the larger Octo and suited to smaller, narrower spaces.

Both the Penta and Octo shapes can be mixed together in an installation.

BEADs pendants are manufactured from spun stainless steel spheres linked with polycarbonate “spiders.” They are available in Chrome, Copper, Gunmetal, or Gloss White and work with Beads works with a variety of different LED bulbs, including the following ultra long life E26 15W LED bulbs:

  • E26 Globe-style, 500 to 800 lumen output; 2700K to 3000K color temperatures
  • E26 LED Filament-style, 600 to 900 lumen output; 2200K to 2700K color temperatures