BHC Dilution Control Program

Simple Squeeze is a dispenser free, self-contained, all-facility dilution control program

Dilution Control options for chemicals offer numerous benefits to end users, specifically when it comes to training and managing inventory. BHC’s newest dilution control option takes form as the Simple Squeeze program consisting of five dispensing quarts packaged as a Self-Contained, All Facility program.

dilution controlThe Simple Squeeze program includes TerraGreen® Neutral Cleaner, Green Bathroom Cleaner, TerraGreen® Blue Glass Cleaner, TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx, and TerraGreen® Degreaser to cover the full gamut of cleaning most any facility will need to do. The packaging features a one squeeze equals proposition and is a dispenser-less option that is reliable and convenient. The super concentrated products will reduce inventory, while the Green Seal approval on four of the products will meet environmental requirements.

TerraGreen Neutral Cleaner (product 193021) is a non-dulling, rinse-free daily use floor cleaner with a working pH of 7.3 and a blooming citrus fragrance. It is non-filming (no rinsing necessary) and low foaming for use in automatic scrubbers.

The Green Bathroom Cleaner (product 161033) is a one-step, non-acid bathroom disinfectant cleaner for daily use in toilet bowls, urinals, and on all washable restroom surfaces. It inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, is effective against a wide range of bacteria, and has a floral fragrance with a pH of 9.6.

TerraGreen Blue Glass Cleaner (product 193034) is a no streak glass cleaner for routine multi-surface cleaning. It is for use on glass, Plexiglas, metal, and other hard surfaces and is reflective and coated glass safe. Solvents and surfactants cut through film quickly with a pH of 7.7 and a fresh bouquet smell.

TerraGreen HyPer Maxx 4 (product 191008) is a combination of surfactants and hydrogen peroxide (H202) that removes dirt from surfaces and grout lines, reducing the need for hard scrubbing. It neutralizes malodors and has a working pH of 4.0 to 6.0 and a Meadow Mist fragrance.

TerraGreen Degreaser (product 361008) is a one-product industrial cleaner solution for an array of soils on a variety of surfaces. Users can vary the dilution rate to their soil load to effectively clean vehicles, maintenance areas, equipment, tools, and parts. It has a pH of 9.6 with a citrus/floral scent and removes food area greases, carbonized soils, and even smoke residue. The product is also for use as a top scrubber in the TerraGreen Floor Care Program. It makes the cleanup of animal hair easy by dissolving the fat and oil substances in the hair while anti-redeposition agents suspend hair in the solution so it doesn’t re-adhere to the surface, rinsing easily the first time.

dilution control“The market has begun to demand more and more a different type of dilution control—one without the use of a dispenser,” said George Brodnicki, BHC’s Commercial & Floor Care Business Development Manager. “Dispensers require installation, maintenance, and wall space that some customers just don’t have. Our Simple Squeeze program is reliable without all the hassle.”

This dispenser-less dilution control system moves to the jobsite or anywhere with a water source via canteen quart. There is no dispenser to install or service. One super concentrate canteen is equivalent to two gallons of 1:64 concentrate. One case of six canteens is the equivalent of 12 concentrate gallons. The compact size fits on a shelf, a cart, or almost anywhere needed.

The Simple Squeeze program is supported by simple picture, color, and number based training. The product color matches the label color; relative cleaning strength numbers (e.g., one equals mild) are included—the higher the number the stronger the cleaning strength; color-coded use icons (e.g., “clean here” shaded pictures) provide a universal language; and personalized, end user wall charts allow for personalized posts.

The Simple Squeeze starter kit (CANPK) contains one 18″ wire basket with hardware, four 32 ounce wide mouth bottles with trigger spray heads, use-dilution labels for trigger bottles (two each for 161033, 193034, 191008, and 361008), and one Clean By Color Wall Chart.