BOLD Award Nominations Close September 7, 2016

The deadline to nominate green building leaders for the BOLD Awards 2016 is almost here. Many real estate and facilities professionals are striving to create the “workplace of tomorrow” by raising efficiency, sustainability, and comfort standards in their organizations. The 2nd Annual BOLD Awards recognize “Building Optimizers, Leaders, and Disruptors” who are using technology tools to make a significant impact on the built environment, with sustainability as one of the leading building

Nominations are now being accepted through tomorrow, September 7, 2016.

Industry technology firms Aquicore, Comfy, Enlighted, and View have come together to host the awards, honoring changemakers who are making buildings smarter and more sustainable. This year’s judges’ panel includes Jigar Shah, Co-Founder of Generate Capital, Founder of SunEdison and co-host of Energy Gang Podcast; Dr. Nils Kok, CEO, GRESB B.V.; Cliff Majersik, Executive Director at IMT; and Gautami Palanki, Director of LEED Dynamic Plaque.

On October 5, 2016, the BOLD Award winners will be recognized in five categories:

  • The Champion: Recognizes a leader who developed innovative systems or processes to solve difficult commercial real estate challenges
  • The Mentor: Recognizes a senior leader whose support of innovative technologies positively impacted the efficiency of their built environment
  • The Innovator: Recognizes an individual who pioneered creative programs with the goal of increasing tenant engagement, satisfaction, and retention
  • The Unsung Hero: Recognizes an individual who is instrumental in accelerating the adoption of technology in buildings, but largely does so behind the scenes
  • The People’s Choice Award: The public is welcome to participate by voting for one person who deserves a BOLD Award from among all the eligible nominees.

A full list of 2015 winners and finalists can be found here.