Building Enclosure Moisture Management Institute Forms

The Building Enclosure Moisture Management Institute (BEMMI) was recently formed and officially began operation January 1, 2010. BEMMI is organized to represent manufacturers and suppliers of drainage space materials used in exterior walls in commercial building construction markets. The mission of the organization is to promote the growth of the engineered rain screen products industry to improve moisture management in building enclosures through technical advocacy.

The BEMMI members have already formed a Technical Committee which is working on several industry issues, and have identified several national and state code issues as top priorities for the Institute. John Woestman, a member of the BEMMI staff with extensive experience in the codes and standards and building products arena, will serve as BEMMI’s Technical Director.

“The formation of the BEMMI in January will assist manufacturers with representation in the major code and standards organizations,” commented Executive Director, Michael D. Fischer. “As an industry, rain screen producers will be able to speak with one voice to the regulators, code officials, and in the standards bodies to promote this rapidly growing building product used to provide both drainage and ventilation in high performance building enclosure systems.”

The BEMMI membership recently elected Michael Coulton, the director of marketing and product development for Benjamin Obdyke as president of the Board. Others named to officer positions include vice president Marcus Jablonka of Cosella-Dörken and Steve Samec of Masonry Technology, who was tabbed to serve as secretary/treasurer. “I am proud to be asked to lead this new initiative,” said Coulton, adding, “BEMMI will be poised to advance consensus standards for new technologies and products that will provide a means for producers of rain screen products and systems to promote sound building science and construction methods.”

Richard Lolley, CEO of Advanced Building Products, applauded efforts by industry members to collaborate on technical issues, saying “working together in a consensus process will allow the industry to succeed at a level we could never do by going it alone.” Lolley added that this collaboration will accelerate acceptance of rain screen science into mainstream building practice.

BEMMI is the North American trade association that represents the rainscreen industry’s manufacturing and marketing companies and their material suppliers. BEMMI is headquartered in New York, NY. The founding member companies of BEMMI include: Benjamin Obdyke, Cosella-Dörken Products, Masonry Technology, and Advanced Building Products.


  1. Moisture damage to a home or business property can lead to mold. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have elevated mold from a minor concern to a major health liability.

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